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Mt. Elbrus climb

Welcome to Mount Elbrus!

Elbrus North route 2024

Elbrus north route

3% discount when booking a tour for one participant and 5% discount for two or more people!

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Itinerary 2024

North Route, 10 daysStandard – $ 1250, Comfort - $ 1570 





 14.06 - 23.06

25.06 - 04.07


16.07 - 25.07

 23.07 - 01.08 

09.08 - 18.08 

20.08 - 29.08 

North Route, 11 days: Standard - $ 1390, Comfort - $ 1730  




08.07 - 18.07
15.07 - 25.07
22.07 - 01.08
29.07 - 08.08

05.08 - 15.08
12.08 - 22.08
19.08 - 29.08

Traverse Route from North to South, 11 days:

Standard - $ 1550, Comfort - $ 1880




08.07 - 18.07
22.07 - 01.08

05.08 - 15.08
19.08 - 29.08

Ski Tour + climbing (North Side), 10 days:

Standard - $ 1250, Comfort - $ 1570


31.05 - 09.06

  Change and cancellation policies.

  Changing the date of the tour no later than 30 days before its start is carried out without penalty, cancellation of the tour 30 days or more - with a penalty of $ 50. Change of the tour date in 1-14 days - with a penalty of $ 50, cancellation of the tour 1-14 days in advance - with a penalty of $ 100. Tour participant change - free of charge. 


Kislovodsk – hotel with HB (breakfast and dinner), double and triple rooms

Base camp – big tents with beds (2-3 person in tent) on wooden platform or huts (6-8 person in the room), FB with lunch or lunchbox on acclimatization days, Comfort accomodation 
is carried out in a 4-bed wooden house 

High camphuts with various conditions of accomodation, FB with lunch or lunchbox on acclimatization days or summit day

Guide-to-client ratio:

1 - 3 clients – 1 guide
4 - 6 clients – 2 guides
7 – 9 clients – 3 guides
10 – 12 clients – 4 guides

Services included and not included

      Elbrus from the north is a route for lovers of the virgin nature. Waterfall in Dzhily-SuThere are no hotels, restaurants, cable cars and snow cats, so the climbers reach the summit by walking - from the beginning to the end. It is this very route that people used to climb Elbrus for the first time. That was in 1829. The tour starts in the SPA-town of Kislovodsk where an off-road vehicle will pick us up and bring us to the place called Dzhily-Su where the route begins. It is an unique SPA-resort with healing springs attracting people from the different corners of Russia.
        As a rule, all climbers are striving to climb the West summit (5642 m). But the way to there is 3 hours longer than to the East summit (5621 m), so some people choose to climb the East one. The decision is made at  altitude of around 5100 m on the summit day.

     The itinerary of the northern route to Mt. Elbrus is designed for 11 days and provides two reserve days in case of the bad weather. Previous mountain experience is not necessary to climb Mount Elbrus. Our English-speaking guides will train you to walk in crampons, to use the ice-axes and to get over the crevasses in ropes.

Itinerary of climbing Mt. Elbrus from north, 10 days itinerary

Itinerary of climbing Mt. Elbrus from north, 11 days itinerary
Day 1. Arrival to Mineralnye Vody. Our representative will be waiting for you at 14:00 outside of the arrival hall. Our group transfer is scheduled for 14:30. From the airport weDrive to Dzhily-Su drive to the town of Kislovodsk, the last town before the lower steppes of the Caucasus. We spend the rest of the day sorting our gear and preparing for the climb. Overnight in Kislovodsk.

Day 2. We depart for Basecamp. With the vehicle loaded with all of our gear, a four hour drive takes us into the heart of the lush foothills of the lower Caucasus to Mt. Elbrus Base Camp (2500 m/ 8,064'). Once we establish our Basecamp, we take a short acclimatization hike to explore the remote valley and stretch our legs after the many long hours of travel.

Day 3. Acclimatization hike up to 3100 m. We'll see fascinating Stone mushroomsstone mushrooms with the hight up to 5 m. It is a good place for rock climbing. Descend to the base camp. Overnight in the Base Camp.

Day 4.
Carry to High Camp. We pack up a portion of our supplies and make a carry to High Camp (3800 m/ 12,300'). After depositing our cache and enjoying the views, we descend back to Base Camp for the night.

Day 5. Move to High Camp. An early start gives us ample opportunity to enjoy the climb up to High Camp. The route from Basecamp takes us above a narrow gorge and out of the high grasslands into the alpine zone, affording stunning views of the glaciers of Mt. Elbrus and the lower steppes of the Caucasus to the north. The last stretch of the climb leads through the jumbled rock moraine along side the Mikelchiran Glacier before cresting a steep pitch and putting us in camp.

Day 6. Acclimatization hike to the Lenz Rocks (4800 m/ 15,200'). The route brings us onto some moderate glacial terrain. We will rope up in order to protect ourselves from the several crevasses we must cross.

Day 7. Relax day. Final preparations are made for Summit Day.

Day 8. Summit Day! After an alpine start we climb from the High Вершина Эльбруса/ Mount ElbrusCamp across the upper portion of the Mikelchiran Glacier until we reach the Saddle at 5300 m/ 17,700'. Mount Elbrus has two large summit domes and the Saddle separates the East Summit from the West Summit. Both are comparable in size and height. After enjoying the summit and its impressive views of the Caucasus mountain range, we descend back to our High Camp.
Day 9. Today we breakdown our High Camp and descend back to Basecamp for the night. This day can also be used as an extra summit day in case we encounter bad weather or need additional time for acclimatization. 

Day 10. Transportation from Dzhily-Su to Kislovodsk where we will enjoy hot showers and a good night's sleep. Sometimes people don't want to wait untill this day and want to return to Kislovodsk earlier when they have done the mountain on the Day 9 or before. In this case you will have to pay extra for individual transportation to Kislovodsk and for additional nights at hotel. Please, keep in mind that Kislovodsk is a very popular SPA town, so, it may be difficult to find a room in the not agreed dates, especially in July and August. But our representatives we'll do their best to arrange everything. 

Day 11. After breakfast we'll bring you to the airport to be in time to check-in for the flight which departs at 10:00. If your flight departs before that time or much more later, you need an individual transfer. This costs €25. The way takes 1 h.

Watch our video from the north side of Mt. Elbrus

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