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Mt. Elbrus climb

Welcome to Mount Elbrus!

Our tours to Mt. Elbrus


Mount Elbrus from the South
май-бочки.gifThe route from the south is the most popular one among climbers because of the well-developed infrastructure, including comfortable and beautiful hotels. Cable cars will bring you to the altitude of 3800 m, and snow cats even to 5000 m, which makes the climbing easier and saves on time. From the south climbers ascent as a rule to the west summit (5642 m) which is 21 meters higher than the east summit. The itinerary is designed for 8 days and provides one reserve day in case of bad weather. Previous mountain or mountaineering experience is not necessary to climb Mt. Elbrus. Our English-speaking guides will train you in all the mountain techniques being used to climb Elbrus.

Mt. Elbrus expeditions in year 2019 (8 days)
01.05-08.05 07.06-14.0605.07-12.0702.08-09.0802.09-09.09 30.09-07.10
14.06-21.0612.07-19.07 09.08-16.08 09.09-16.09 07.10-14.10
27.05-03.06 28.06-05.0726.07-02.08



Price: 850,0 Euro

Elbrus from the North
Восхождение на ЭльбрусElbrus from the north is a route for lovers of the virgin nature. There are no hotels, restaurants, cable cars and snow cats, so the climbers reach the summit by walking - from the beginning to the end. It is this very route that people used to climb Elbrus for the first time. That was 188 years ago. It is rather difficult to get to the northern foot of Mt. Elbrus because there is no asphalt road there and only off-road vehicles are able to overcome these 90 kilometers. The tour starts in the SPA-town of Kislovodsk where an off-road vehicle will pick us up and bring us to the place called Dzhily-Su where the route begins. It is an unique SPA-resort with healing springs attracting people from the different corners of Russia.
As a rule climbers ascent from the north to the East summit (5621 m) but there is also a route to the West summit (5642 m). The itinerary is designed for 10 days and provides two reserve days in case of the bad weather. Previous mountain experience is not necessary to climb Mount Elbrus. Our English-speaking guides will train you to walk in crampons, to use the ice-axes and to get over the crevasses.

Mt. Elbrus expeditions in 2019 (10 days)
01.06 - 10.0629.06 - 08.0703.08 - 12.0831.08 - 09.09 28.09-07.10
08.06 - 17.0606.07 - 15.07 10.08 - 19.08 07.09 - 16.09 05.10-14.10
15.06 - 24.06
13.07 - 22.0717.08 - 26.0814.09 - 23.10
22.06 - 01.0720.07 - 29.07

24.08 - 02.09

21.09 - 30.09

Price: 950,0 Euro

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