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3, Podolskoe shosse,

Moscow, 115093

phone: +7 (926) 924 7948

e-mail: info@elbrustours.ru



Восхождение на Казбек/ Mt. Kazbek climb


Ски-тур в Приэльбрусье


Leaprus Hut

On the summit of Mt. Elbrus!

At the Barrels, 3800 m

Mount Elbrus

So happy!

Outdoor party

They did it!

Mt. Elbrus climb

Welcome to Mount Elbrus!

Our Elbrus guides

     All of our guides are working on Mount Elbrus not for the first year. Mountain rescue service co-workers, rock climbers, mountaineering instructors – all of them are reliable companions in any situation. No matter how hard you feel on the mountain, no matter which question or problem arose – you can always rely on their help and support.

Guides to Mt. Elbrus

Yuri, 51 years old
He is very experienced in mountains, has  climbed technically difficult routes up to 6a cathegory. Rock-climber.
Yuri is working in mountain rescue service.
Guides all routes to Mt. Elbrus.


Guides to Mt. Elbrus Andrey or just 'Watson", 32 years old,
He is very experienced in mountains, has      climbed technically difficult routes up to    6a cathegory. Rock-climber.
Watson is working in mountain rescue   service .
Guides all routes to Mt. Elbrus.

  Guides to Mt. ElbrusDmitry or just "Simona", 37 years old
His specialization is northern slope of Mt. Elbrus. Experienced, sociable. Ex-worker  of mountain rescue service.

Мы носим клиентов на руках! Andrey, 27 years old
He is always doing his best to bring a client to the summit (see picture). He is sociable and positive, but at the same time responsible and professional. We constantly get good feedbacks about this guide.

    "We are already in our usual lifes, you know, working, family, children, friends and so on. Elbrus seems to be very far and long now. Nevertheless we want to thank you and the whole team of your company for your good organisation and professionality. A special comment about the guide, Andrei ( or Andri, or, I don’t know the spelling), he is a great ‘professional’.

Best regards,

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