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Mt. Elbrus climb

Welcome to Mount Elbrus!

Travel to Mexico. Ascent of Orizaba, the highest volcano of the North America (5636 m)

Orizaba volcano, or known as Citlaltépetl which means Star Mountain in the Aztecs’ language, is a stratovolcano, the highest peak in Mexico and the third highest peak of the North America. Different sources give different figures of its height; however, most of them speak of 5636 meters.

Orizaba 5636m

Now the volcano is quiet, but there were several eruptions in the past. The latest eruption was registered in the 19th century. The first ascent of Orizaba happened in 1838.

In terms of technical parameters the ascent of Orizaba is similar to that of the western summit of Elbrus from the north. In good weather the ascent is somewhat less difficult than that of Elbrus, and it takes 1-2 hours less.

Orizaba 5636m

Orizaba 5636m

The ascent starts from Piedra Grande hut located at the height of 4200 meters. For convenience the ascent can be divided into three parts: 20-30° steep stony track, which later goes through the snow and ice zone between the rocks, while approximately half of the ascent is in the ice floe area. The ice floe has no cracks or some other obstacles, which makes the ascent noticeably easy.

The standard 9-days long itinerary includes an acclimation ascent of La Malinche volcano.

Available dates for 2022: Price:
28.02.2022 - 08.03.2022*

2450 USD – for a group of 2 pax
1900 USD – for a group of 4-5 pax
1750 USD – for a group of 6 pax

* You can combine this ascent with the ascent of 3 volcanoes in Ecuador - Pichincha, Iliniza and Chimborazo - which our company will organize on February 18-28. In this case, you will be given a 10% discount on both ascents 

Apart from the ascent of Orizaba this tour gives you the following opportunities:

  • stroll along Mexico City, try authentic Mexican cuisine in its restaurants;
  • perform an acclimation ascent of La Malinche volcano, which is a wonderful viewpoint. You have a view of Mexico City and the surrounding volcanos, including legendary Orizaba, our goal.
  • observe the change of landscapes, flora and fauna in different mountain regions of Mexico.
  • visit the largest pyramid in the world in Cholula. It hides lots of secrets and mysteries, which are to be discovered;
  • finish your tour at the ocean shore in Veracruz. Next to lying on the beach, here you can try lots of exciting things.

Tour route: Mexico – La Malinche hut –La Malinche mount (4500m) – Piedra Grande hut (4400m ) – Orizaba peak (5636m) -Veracruz - Mexico

The detailed itinerary of Orizaba ascent:

Day 1. Arrval to Mexico.
Departure from Moscow. Arrival to Mexico. You are picked up from the airport by an English-speaking guide. Transfer to a 3* hotel. Night in the hotel.

Day 2. Camping at the foot of La Malinche volcano.
Transfer from Mexico City to Teotihuacan. Tour to the ancient pyramids. The tour takes approximately 4 hours. Then transfer to the camping at the foot of La Malinche volcano. The camping is located in the forest. Travelers stay in rooms and can use shower, toilet and fireplace. Night in the camping.

Orizaba 5636m

Day 3. Acclimation ascent of La Malinche, (4400m).
Acclimation ascent of La Malinche, 4400 meters. Descent back to the camping. The ascent and descent take 8-10 hours. No special mountaineering equipment is required.

Day 4. Tlachichuca.
Transfer to the foot of Orizaba to Tlachichuca. On the way we’ll have a look at the town of Cholula where a huge, partly excavated pyramid is situated. In Tlachichuca we stay in a camping, in twin rooms. There are a shower and a toilet. The camping serves tasty meals.

Day 5. Piedra Grande base camp.
Early breakfast. We depart to Piedra Grande base camp by off-road cars. The base camp is located at the height of 4200 meters. The transfer from Tlachichuca takes 1-1.5 hours. Some parts of the road are practically impassable. Accommodation in the base camp. Acclimation trekking to get used to the height, descent back to the base camp. Night in the camping.

Day 6. Summit day.
Breakfast in the base camp. Ascent of Orizaba (5675 m). We climb to the crater of the volcano over the ice floe in crampons. We descend along the same path, to Piedro Grande base camp. The perfect variant would be to arrive to the camping in Tlachichuca on the same day. Dinner and night in the camping.

Day 7. Reserve day/ Veracruz.
A reserve day for the ascent. In case the ascent is according to the basic plan, this day is to leave for the Gulf of Mexico to Veracruz. Or, alternatively, it’s possible to leave for Mexico City.

Orizaba 5636m

Day 8. Transfer to Mexico City.
A day in Veracruz, swimming in the sea. Or transfer to Mexico City. Late departure back home.

Day 9. Back home.
Transfer to Mexico City and flight back home. Or one more extra day, if required.

The price includes:

  • pick up and drop off at the airport in Mexico City;
  • hotel in Mexico City, 2 nights;
  • base camp at the foot of La Malinche, 1-2 nights and\or hostel in Pueblo, 1 night;
  • hotel in Tlachichuca at the foot of Orizaba, 1-2 nights
  • base camps, 2 nights;
  • meals on the days of ascent, during the active part of the program;
  • English-speaking guide during the whole tour;
  • public equipment for the ascent (ropes, ice screw pitons, etc.).
  • transfers during the whole tour by car, taxi or rented car.

The price does not include:

  • international flight to Mexico City. The flight from Moscow with a stopover in New York (a US visa is required!) - from 800 USD
    The flight from Moscow with a stopover in Paris or Amsterdam starts from 600 USD;
  • entry visa (the questionnaire is filled in at the website of the embassy);
  • climber’s insurance;
  • lunches and dinners in the cities;
  • extra trips and tours;
  • single room;
  • personal belongings and equipment.
  • if a stay in Veracruz is desired, a hotel and meals are paid extra. The average price of a night in a hotel is 30-75 USD (most rooms are double rooms with king size beds).

List of equipment:


  • down jacket for temperatures up to -15°С;
  • membrane windbreaker jacket;
  • fleece jacket;
  • membrane windbreaker pants;
  • trekking pants;
  • thermal underwear;
  • warm trekking socks;
  • thin trekking socks;
  • gloves for temperatures of up to -15°С;
  • fleece hat;
  • cap;
  • t-shirt with long sleeves (2);
  • shorts;
  • rain poncho.


  • boots for adjustment of crampons, preferably with some warmth-adjustable span;
  • trekking boots;
  • trekking sandals.

Special equipment:

  • climbing harness;
  • сowstail;
  • сarabiner (2);
  • headpiece;
  • crampons;
  • ice axe;
  • teelescopic poles;
  • alpine skiing balaclava;
  • mountaineering glasses

Hiking equipment:

  • mat;
  • big bag;
  • 35 д assault pack;
  • sleeping bag for the temperature of up to - 10С;
  • head light;
  • personal plates and cups;
  • vacuum bottle;
  • sun screen.

The necessary equipment can be rented in Mexico, however, the quality is not very good.

Required documents:

Valid international passport.

Please clarify the procedure of obtaining the visa at the Mexican Embassy. You don’t need the visa in the following cases:

  • You have a valid visa to Canada, USA, Japan, Great Britain or any Schengen country.


  • You have a permanent resident card for Canada, USA, Japan, Great Britain or any Schengen country, as well as Chile, Columbia or Peru.


Planned transfers by rented vehicles.


3* hotel in Mexico City, 2* hotel in Tlachichuca, twin-bed accommodation with breakfast and dinners. Accommodation in the hut  (Pedro Grande) at the mount foot.


Only breakfast is included in the hotels. During the ascent your guide cooks for you. During the ascent you get warm breakfast and dinner, and you get lunch boxes for lunch. Normally the meal consists of pureed soups, vegetable stew, chicken, meat, toasts, honey, jams, tea, and coffee. Cutleries and crockeries are provided.

Orizaba 5636m

Service staff.
Experienced guide from Elbrustours. English-speaking guides (1 for 3-4 participants) on the way.

Insurance and medical service.

No special vaccines are required for Mexico. A tourist must have the insurance with the coverage amount of at least $35000. The guide has a first aid kit with basic drugs. If you need some special drugs for everyday use, please take them with you!


+20+30° in cities. Normally it’s hot and dry. It rains occasionally. At the peak the temperature may drop down to -5-15°. The ascent season is October to April.

Possible extra expenses:

  • money for souvenirs, spirits;
  • lunch and dinner in the cities (one dinner is 15-20 USD);
  • trips and tours not included into the itinerary;
  • accommodation in Veracruz (a double room in the hotel is 120-150).

Country info:

Mexico (the United Mexican States) is the country in the south of the North America. In the east it is washed by the Caribbean Sea, while in the west it is washed by the Pacific Ocean. The territory includes several coastal islands.

The rainy period is May to October. Summer is approximately 5 - 6 degrees warmer than winter. High in the mountains it can be much colder, snow and minus temperatures are possible.

The Mexican cuisine is one of the most versatile in the world. Corn bread and flatbread is the basic food, which are used to cook the main dishes. The classical dishes include: burrito, fajitas, empanadas, chili, quesadilla, guacamole, tostados, jalapenos. Mezcal, tequila and beer are the most recognized national drinks.

How to Book Your Tour

Before booking any tour please read all the terms and conditions thoroughly and as a company representative any questions prior to making any payments. Begin by filling in a booking form and pay the non-refundable deposit. The form may be submitted online or by downloading the form and mailing or faxing the form to your nearest company representative.

  Copyright "Over The Rainbow" Ltd., 2022
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