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Mt. Elbrus climb

Welcome to Mount Elbrus!

Mount Kazbek climb 2024

Mount Kazbek climb 2020
Mount Kazbek is located on the border between Russia Восхождение на Казбек/ Mt. Kazbek climband Georgia. With its height of 5047 m it belongs to the Russia's 10 highest mountains. Mt. Kazbek is situated in the East of the main Caucaus range. It is the dormant volcano, last explosion occurred in 650 B.C.

There are two routes leading to the summit of Kazbek: from the Russian and from the Georgian side. We organize climbing expeditions from the Georgian side since this route is easier to access and gives chance to climb even for the novices without previous mountaineering experience.  The only requirement to the participants is to be in the good shape. Your guide will teach you how to use an ice-axe, crampons and the rope.

Price: $ 1490,0*  


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Казбек Казбек Казбек

Dates in 2024:

June July August September
23.06 - 30.06
30.06 - 07.07
07.07 - 14.07
21.07 - 28.07
28.07 - 04.08
04.08 - 11.08
11.08 - 18.08
18.08 - 25.08
25.08 - 01.09
01.09 - 08.09

* Special offer for you!!

3% discount when booking a tour for one participant and 5% discount for two or more people!

Itinerary of the Kazbek climb (8 days)

Day 1. Meeting at 10:00 at airport Tbilisi 
if you arrive in Georgia early in the morning and at 10:30 in the center of Tbilisi on Europe Square, near the lower station of the cable car connecting the center of Tbilisi with the ancient Narikala fortress located on a high hill, if you arrived in Georgia earlier. Group transportation to the town of Stepantsminda, former Kazbegi (1700 m). On the way to Stepantsminda, we will make stops in very beautiful mountain gorges for photography, and also stop for lunch at one of the restaurants where you can try khinkali - one of the most famous dishes of Georgian cuisine. The journey from the airport will take 3 hours, with stops - 4.5-5 hours. Overnight in the guest house Nini (Vazha Pshavela str., 88).

Day 2. In the morning we put some of the things we don’t need today into separate backpacks or trunks for tomorrow’s ride on horseback to the assault shelter, after which we rise by SUV from Stepantsminda to the picturesque, tallest active Orthodox Church in the world Tsminda Sameba (Church of the Holy Trinity), located at an altitude of 2200 meters, from where we will make the transition to the Saberce Pass and to the new comfortable mountain hotel Altihut (3014 m). 
After a short rest, we will continue the acclimatization program by climbing to the lower part of the Gergeti glacier (3500 m), from where, after a short snack, we will descend back to the Saberce Pass. Overnight at the Altihut mountain hotel or at a nearby new hotel, the construction of which is currently being completed.

Day 3. Today we move to the high camp - mountain hut Meteo (Bethlemi Hut) at 3680 m (4-5 hours by walking with a stop for lunch)By the time we get up, the horses will have carried our things that we left yesterday in Stepantsminda to the Meteo. Accommodation in Meteo.

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Казбек Казбек Казбек

Day 4. Acclimatization hike to the glacier at 4400 m. Here the guide will teach you how to walk in crampons and how to use an ice-axe. Overnight in the hut Meteo.

Day 5. Summit day. We start early in the morning and come back to the hut Meteo after 11-12 hours. Overnight in Meteo or, if all participants descended from the mountain not very late, it is possible to descend to the Altihut mountain hotel with a hot shower and spend the night there for an additional fee. 

Also, everyone can descend to Stepantsminda by helicopter. The estimated cost of the descent is about 1000 euros per flight, the helicopter can accommodate 3-4 people, depending on the weight of the participants and their cargo.

Day 6. Reserve day in case of bad weather in the previous day. Return to Stepantsminda. Gala dinner with presentation of climbing certificates and commemorative medals.

Day 7. Reserve day. Transportation to the ancient town of Mtsheta which is located only 10 km from Tbilisi. Accommodation at hotel.

Day 8. Return flight from Tbilisi. The group transfer will take you to the airport by 9.30 am.

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Казбек Казбек Казбек


• All transfers according to itinerary. Meeting at Tbilisi airport no later than 10.30 am. The return transfer will take you to the airport by 9.30 am.
• Accommodation and dining:
 - guest house Nini in Stepantsminda with 3 meals a day, shared double or triple rooms (2 nights),
 - hotel Altihut with HB (1-2 nights),
 - hut at the High Camp Meteo (3680 m) with 3 meals a day (2-3 nights),
 - 3* hotel in Mtskheta, double rooms, with breakfast (1 night),
• English-speaking guides in ratio 1:3 on the summit day,
• Group equipment: tents, ropes, radios,
• Porters or horses for the group equipment,
• Group transfer from Mtskheta to Tbilisi on Day 8.

Not included:

• Flight tickets to Tbilisi,
• Mountaineering insurance (you can order it by us for $ 5 per day with coverage of $ 50.000), 
• Services for carrying personal equipment by horses, 
• Hire of personal equipment,
• Taking an additional attempt after the first attempt,
• Cost of additional night at hotel when you decide to descend to the Altihut or valley on the reserve days,
• Individual transfer from or to airport,
• Single occupancy supplement
You can combine your expedition to Mt. Kazbek with Mt. Elbrus climb. We offer 10% discount for this combo. Also, after climbing Mt. Kazbek, thanks to presence at you of high-rise acclimatization, you can make a transfer to Elbrus region and to join our group which already finishes acclimatization, for commission of climbing Mt. Elbrus on Sunday or Tuesday. In this case you can make climbing Mt. Kazbek and Mt. Elbrus in 11-13 days, and the discount for tour cost with climbing Elbrus will 20%-30%. We'll help to arrange transportation from Stephantsminda, Georgia to Cheget, Russia. 

For example:

- you made a transfer from Georgia to Russia on day 8 and joined our 8-day group on Elbrus from the first day - a discount of 10% for each tour; in this case, a combined 15-day tour will cost you $ 2447 ($ 1331 + $ 1116) minus Early Bird discount 8% or 10%;

- you made a transfer from Georgia to Russia on day 8 and joined our 8-day group on Elbrus from its third day - a discount of 10% for a tour to Kazbek and 20% for a tour to Elbrus; such a 13-day combined tour will cost you $ 2323 ($ 1331 + $ 992) minus Early Bird discount 8% or 10%;

- you made a transfer from Georgia to Russia on day 7, went up to the assault camp on day 8 and climbed on day 9 (reserve day - day 10) - the discount will be 10% for the tour to Kazbek and 30% for the tour to Elbrus; this 11-day combined tour will cost you $ 2199 ($ 1331 + $ 868) minus Early Bird discount 8% or 10%.

With any of these options, we will help you organize a transfer from Georgia to Russia at a price of $ 200 per participant, $ 250 for two participants or $ 300 euros for three or four participants.

Mt. Elbrus north route
Mt. Elbrus south route
Mt. Elbrus traverse route

Казбек Казбек Казбек

Казбек Казбек Казбек

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