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Mt. Elbrus climb

Welcome to Mount Elbrus!

Mount Elbrus climb via the north route, 10 days

Mount Elbrus

     The main difference between the south route and the north route is that there are lifts and snow-cats on the south side. You don't have to carry your backpack from 2200 m up to 3800 m, you enjoy views from a cable car instead. Same on the summit day: almost every group rides a snow-cat up to 5000 m, so there are only a view hours of hiking up to the summit.
     On the north side you have to walk the whole distance self and carry your backpack from the base camp at 2500 m up to the hut at 3800 m. That's why it takes more days than via the south side. The route is less crowded and closer to nature: there are no hotels, restaurants and shops.

10-days tours to Mount Elbrus via the north route 





09.06 - 18.06
16.06 - 25.06
23.06 - 02.07
30.06 - 09.07

07.07 - 16.07
14.07 - 23.07
21.07 - 30.07
28.07 - 06.08

04.08 - 13.08
11.08 - 20.08
18.08 - 27.08
25.08 - 03.09

01.09 - 10.09
08.09 - 17.09


Kislovodsk – hotel with HB (breakfast and dinner), double and triple rooms

Base camp – tents with beds (2-3 person in tent) or huts (6-8 person in the room), FB with lunch or lunchbox on acclimatization days

High camphuts with various conditions of accomodation, FB with lunch or lunchbox on acclimatization days or summit day


Guide-to-client ratio:
1 - 3 clients – 1 guide
4 - 6 clients – 2 guides
7 - 9 clients – 3 guides
10 - 12 clients - 4 guides
13 - 15 clients - 5 guides

This 10-days itinerary excludes one day of acclimatization at 3100 m (compare to our 11-days tours). This means that from the base camp (2500 m) you will hike straight up to the high camp (3800 m).

Itinerary of Mount Elbrus climb via the north route, 10 days
Day 1. Arrive at Mineralnye Vody airport. Our guide will meet you from your flight outside of the arrival hall. He will be holding logo of the Elbrus Tours in his hands. Transportation to hotel will be arranged by 14:30, so you can arrive with any flight that lands before that time. Transportation to our hotel in city of Kislovodsk (800 m above see level) will take about 1 hour. The guide will check your equipment upon arrival to hotel and you may agree to have a dinner with the groupmates somewhere in the city or at hotel (not included).

Day 2. We start from the hotel at about 7 in the morning. You may leave some bags in the storage room at hotel. Rental equipment you will get either in Kislovodsk on the way to the base camp (2500 m) or in the basecamp itself. The way will take 3 hours. On the halfway there will be a stop for breakfast at a local cafe with traditional Caucasian pancakes. There will be a lunch waiting for us at the base camp and a nice walk in suroundings after that.

Day 3. Today we'll carry some part of equipment to the high camp at 3800 m and come back to the base camp. The way up takes about 4-5 hours and another 2 hours for the way down. You may ask your guide to agree with a porter if you don't want to carry your backpack self. That costs $ 3 per 1 kg.

Day 4. Move to the high camp on Mount Elbrus. With the rest of equipment we hike up to the high camp at 3800 m. Free time.

Day 5. Acclimatisation hike up to the Lenz Rocks (4800 m). This will take 5-6 hours up and 2-3 hours down. Overnight at the high camp (3800 m).

Day 6. Day of rest at the high camp (3800 m). Today you may have an ice- and snow course. You will practice in self-arresting with an ice-axe when sliding down the slope. Bed time at 8 p.m.

Day 7. Summit day. Light breakfast and start from the camp at about 2 a.m. Initially, all climbers are striving to the West summit since it is 21 m higher than the East one. But the way to there is 3 hours longer and not everybody can manage this. If a group is big enough and there are several guides, the chief guide can decide to split the group in two. This takes place at the altitude of about 5000 m and it is the chief guide who decides who goes to the East summit and who goes to the West summit. He is responsible for safety of the group and every climber and he is experienced enough to estimate physical and mental state of every participant, so his decision is ultimate. There is an important rule on Elbrus: at 1 p.m. you have to turn down, no matter how close
to the summit you are. This is because the weather is worsening after midday. If you are a slow walker you can hire a personal guide and start earlier than the other people in your group. Normally, ascent of Mount Elbrus  takes 9 - 11 hours and descent to the high camp at 3800 m - 4-6 hours. Overnight at the high camp (3800 m).

Day 8. Descent to the base camp (2500 m) or reserve day for summiting.

Day 9. Transfer to our hotel in Kislovodsk. Celebration dinner (not included) and handing over climbing certificates.

Day 10. Transportation to the airport after breakfast. We'll bring you to airport about 10:00.

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Elbrus North route 2023

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Mt. Elbrus climb

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