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Mt. Elbrus climb

Welcome to Mount Elbrus!

Ojos del Salado 2024-2025


Ojos del Salado - the highest volcano on our planet and the second highest peak of South America, after Mt Aconcagua. From Spanish, the name translates as “the source of a salty river,” that is, the Rio Salado River, which begins on a mountain. The height of the volcano is 6893 meters. Located on the border between Argentina and Chile, is the highest point of Chile.

The road to the volcano from Chile, from the town of Copiapo on the Pacific coast, runs through the Atacama Desert, one of the driest places on earth. On the eastern slope of the volcano in a crater at an altitude of 6390 meters is the highest lake in the world.

It has become very popular to combine climbing two highest peaks of America in one program. At the same time, high-altitude acclimatization obtained on one mountain allows you to climb the second mountain not in 15-17 days, but in 9-10. 

The cost of a standard 16-day tour to Ojos del Salado is $ 2975.0 ($ 3500.0)*, a shortened 11-day tour is $ 2465.0 ($ 2900.0)*

* - Early Bird discounts! When booking tours for the 2024/2025 season, we provide a discount of 15% for one participant and 20% for two or more participants!

Advance payment is $ 500, discount - from $ 525. Don't miss out on your benefits! 

Dates of tours in season 2024-2025:

28.01.2024 - 07.02.2024, 11 days, only for participants with acclimatization; it is possible to participate in the tour after climbing Aconcagua

06.12.2024 - 21.12.2024, 16 days

22.01.2025 - 06.02.2025, 16 days 

Combined tours

When booking a combined tour with climbing the two highest mountains of America - Aconcagua and Ojos del Salado - an additional 5% discount on the cost of both tours is provided, for example:

- when you combine climbing Aconcagua in 17 days and climbing Ojos del Salado in 16 days, the cost of the combined tour will be $ 7980.0 (($ 4900.0 + $ 3500.0) minus 5%) minus the current discount for early booking (15 % or 20 %);

- combining 17 days of Aconcagua and 11 days of Ojos del Salado will cost $ 7410.0 (($ 4900.0 + $ 2900.0) minus 5%) minus the current early booking discount;

- when booking a combined tour of Ojos del Salado in 16 days and a shortened tour of Aconcagua in 11 days, climbing both peaks will cost you $ 7030.0 (($ 3500.0 + $ 3700.0) minus 5%) minus the current discount for early booking.

Climbing program on Ojos del Salado, 16 days. 

Day 1. Meeting of group members at the airport of the Chilean city of Copiapo (Spanish: Copiapó), located 680 kilometers north of Santiago. Briefing and discussion of plans for the next two weeks. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2. Purchase of products. Transfer to the picturesque salt-marsh lake Laguna Santa Rose, located at an altitude of 3800 m (150 km, travel time about 3-4 hours). Setting up a camp at a campsite on the lake. Dinner, overnight in a tent camp (organization of overnight at a shelter is possible). 

Day 3. Acclimatization climb to the top of the mountain 7 Brothers (4800 m). Climbing takes about 4 hours. Descent to the camp, overnight in tents. 

Day 4. Transfer to Lake Laguna Verde (Green Lake), located at an altitude of 4300 m (130 km, 2.5 hours on the way). This day we will see Ojos del Salado (6893 m) for the first time. Around the lake there are many thermal springs. Overnight in tents. 

Day 5. Early climb, moving to an altitude of 5000-5100 meters, from where on foot along the trail we begin a 5-6-hour ascent to a height of 5800 m or, in fair weather and good physical condition of the participants, to Mount San Francisco (height 6018 m). Descent to the lake Laguna Verde. Overnight in tents. 

Day 6. Transfer to the Atacama shelter at an altitude of 5260 m (40 km, 1 hour on the way). Overnight in tents at the shelter. 

Day 7. Walk to the Tehos shelter (5800 m), return to the Atacama shelter. Overnight in tents at the shelter. 

Day 8. Transfer to the Tehos shelter (5800 m). The road to the shelter is quite complicated, often after heavy snowfall it is impossible to drive to the Tehos shelter and the car remains at the Atacama shelter, and we walk. Acclimatization climb to heights of 6200-6400 m. Overnight at the Tehos shelter (with early descent - you can move to Atacama on the same day). 

Day 9. Descent to the Atacama shelter, transfer to Laguna Verde. After rest and lunch - return to Atacama shelter. Overnight in tents. 

Day 10. Early rise, transfer to the Tehos shelter, ascent to the top of the volcano Ojos del Salado (6893 m). After climbing - descent to the Atacama shelter. 

Days 11-14. Reserve days in case of bad weather or the use of additional days to acclimatize participants. 

Day 15. Return to Copiapo. Overnight at the hotel. Farewell dinner, summing up and presentation of certificates. 

Day 16. Morning departure to the airport.

Climbing program on Ojos del Salado, 11 days.
 (for participants who have sufficient acclimatization in the mountains with a height of 4800 meters or more)

Day 1. Meeting of the group members at the airport of the Chilean city of Copiapo, located 680 kilometers north of Santiago. Accommodation at the hotel, briefing.

Day 2. Transfer to the Laguna Verde camp.

Day 3. Rest day at Laguna Verde camp.

Day 4. Transfer to the Atacama shelter. Early break.

Day 5. Departure around 1.00. Climbing to the top of Ojos del Salado. Return to the Atacama shelter. In case of early descent from the summit - transfer to the Laguna Verde camp

Days 6-9. Reserve days in case of bad weather and other circumstances.

Day 10. Return to Copiapo. Overnight at the hotel. Farewell dinner, debriefing and presentation of certificates.

Day 11. Morning departure to the airport.


• all transfers according to the program, except for flights and transfers to Santiago; 
• accommodation in shelters and tents on the route; 
• meals on the route; 
• climbing permit; 
• escort by our English speaking guide 
• accompaniment of an assistant guide on the active part of the route , if the group has more than 3 people; 
• rental of public equipment and kitchens (tents, burners, public utensils, gas); 


• flight to Santiago; 
• flight Santiago - Copiapo - Santiago (from $ 50); 
• climbing insurance (app. $ 5 per day); 
• meals in Copiapo; 
• expenses not provided by the program.

Necessary clothes and shoes 

• down jacket at -20 C; 
• storm jacket with a membrane; 
• fleece jacket Softshell; 
• storm pants with a membrane; 
• softshell fleece pants; 
• thermal underwear (warm); 
• thermal underwear (thin); 
• thin trekking socks; 
• warm trekking socks; 
• gaiters; 
• overmitts; 
• gloves up to -20 C; 
• fleece hat (1 pc); 
• panama from the sun; 
• trekking trousers (for exits below); 
• T-shirts with short sleeves - 3 pcs; 
• shorts, swimming trunks; 
• balaclava; 
• rain cover; 
• technical climbing boots, 7000 m; 
• trekking sneakers; 
• sandals. 

Tourist equipment

• backpack 40-50 liters; 
• trunk of 120 l; 
• sleeping bag at -20 С; 
• personal dishes (bowl, mug, spoon, fork, knife); 
• thermos (1 l); 
• sunblock cream (factor 50+); 
• hygienic lipstick; 
• towel, soap, toothpaste, brush; 
• personal first aid kit. 

 Special equipment 

• suspension system; 
• selfbelay; 
• carabiners with clutch; 
• crampons; 
• telescopic poles; 
• ski goggles; 
• climbing goggles (degree of protection +4).

  Copyright "Over The Rainbow" Ltd., 2024
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