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Восхождение на Казбек/ Mt. Kazbek climb


Ски-тур в Приэльбрусье


Leaprus Hut

On the summit of Mt. Elbrus!

At the Barrels, 3800 m

Mount Elbrus

So happy!

Outdoor party

They did it!

Mt. Elbrus climb

Welcome to Mount Elbrus!

About Mount facts

Mount Elbrus is situated in South of Russia in Caucasus mountain region.
It has two summits. The West summit is the highest one (5642 m), the East one is only 21 m shorter - 5621 m. So, if you climb any of the two summits it is considered that you climbed Mount Elbrus.
The first person who climbed Mount Elbrus was the local inhabitant Killar Khashirov in 1829.

When to go?

There are more chances to climb Mt. Elbrus in summer, from June to September. July and August are the best months since it is warm and the weather is rather stable. But nevertheless, nobody can guarantee you good weather for the summit day. That's why we have one reserve day in our itinerary.
Winter ascent is also possible, but it can be very cold, up to -40 on the top.

What is the weather on Elbrus?

In summer,  when the most people climb the temperatures are as follows:
+20...+25 in the valley (2500 m)
+10 at the Burrels Hut  (3800 m) by day and 0...-5 by night
+5...-25 on the top depending on the weather
The weather is very changeable. Usually it gets warsen in afternoon. That's why we start to descend not later than at 2 p.m. Fogs are very often on Elbrus which is danger for climbers. When you see nothing you don't know in which direction to descend. It is easy to get lost or to fell into a crevasse if there is no experienced guide with you.

Which route to climb?
The southern route (the most popular one) is easier because you sleep at first in a hotel then at the Barrels Hut. There are ski lifts up to 3800 m (Barrels Hut), so you don't have to carry your backpack. Finally, most people hire a snow-cat to ascend from the Barrels Hut (3800 m) up to the Pastukhov Rocks (4600 m) in the summit day.
The northern route is more beautiful, there is much less traffic. Climbers sleep in tents and they have to carry their backpacks from the Base camp (2500 m) up to High camp (3800 m) self. It is a little more difficult technically because there are several crevasses in the beginning of the glacier and climbers go in ropes during first 2-3 hours.
Chances to climb are equal if one chooses southern route or the northern one.

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