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Восхождение на Казбек/ Mt. Kazbek climb


Ски-тур в Приэльбрусье


Leaprus Hut

On the summit of Mt. Elbrus!

At the Barrels, 3800 m

Mount Elbrus

So happy!

Outdoor party

They did it!

Mt. Elbrus climb

Welcome to Mount Elbrus!

News from Mount Elbrus

11 of June 2012 - Our first group from north succeeded! 
Our first group from north in this season started on the 2nd of June and is coming back to Kislovodsk today, on the 11th of June. There were 13 participants, 11 of them have did the highest summit (5642 m):

Tim van den Broeck, Belgium
Philip Cason Crane, USA
Mikel Garikoitz, Spain
Morentin Diaz Fernando, Spain
Feo Rodriguez Pedro Maria, Spain
Garcia Gonzalez Enrique, Spain
Sevilla Camarero Alfredo, Spain
Varas Lopez Francisco Javier, Spain
Laura You-Li Chng, Canada
Chad Arthur Johnson, Canada
Stephanie Glancy Lee, Canada


23 of January 2012 - We launch or own reality-show "Become a legend!"
The new season of expeditions to Mount Elbrus is coming and we offer an amazing intertainment for our customers and visitors of our web-site. We invite all participants of the tours to take part on our project named "Become a legend!". Everyone who has booked with us will be kindly asked to provide his foto and personal data, such as age, sex, nationality and occupation. We'll publish this information on our web-site in column "News" and on our page on Facebook with consent of a person involved. After climb we disclose the results, weather conditions, comments of the participants, and the most interesting pictures.

We believe that this project will be interesting for friends and family members of our customers as well for those who is planning to climb Mt. Elbrus some day and is trying to estimate the rate of success.

15 of September 2011 - Season-2011 has ended up with successful climb. Today our last group in this season has come back from the base camp to Kislovodsk. Five participants of eight have reached the West summit of Mount Elbrus. The weather was not nice: cold, windy and snowy.

It is worth to mention that there were two women among the Over The Rainbowclimbers who has reached the summit. That were Marianna Surunchap from Russia and Elizabeth Bleeker from South Africa. Both are doing the 7 summits program. Mt. Elbrus has become not the first summit of that program both for Marianna and Elizabeth. Congratulations!

The season 2011 is over and we have set the dates of expeditions to Mount Elbrus for year 2012. We took into account uncertainty with availability of the southern route and have set the same dates both for south and north. You can easily switch to the northern route in case the southern one still stays closed. 


Anastasia Vasiliskova, Director of the "Over The Rainbow" mountaineering company.

07 of August - Northern route of Mount Elbrus became officially opened for the climbers. Last week the military post on the main road to the base camp was called off. Now everyone one can freely go to the mineral springs Dzhily-Su and to the base camp on Mount Elbrus.

Here is the picture of the Danish group that made the West summit on the 28th of July at 09:00 a.m. We have another two groups on the route now.

On the West summit of Elbrus

21 of July - We brought another one group to the Base Camp on Mt. Elbrus. Early in the morning two 4x4 vehicles started from Kislovodsk to the Base Camp of Mt. Elbrus. A Belgium team of 9 climbers is planning to do the West summit (5642 m). The weather was perfect, the road condition was good and the way took only 3 hours. Our group had no problems on the military post. In the Base Camp we set our tents just next to the military camp. Military guys were quite friendly, just warned us not to make pictures of their camp and of the helicopter which crashed down to the Lenz Rocks.

13 of July - our group from the 4th of July came back to Kislovodsk and another one group of the Over The Rainbow company went to the northern side of Mt. Elbrus. The weather was good and on the 11th of July all the participants succeed to the summit of Mt. Elbrus. On the 13th of July they came back to Kislovodsk. On the same day another group of our company went to the north of Elbrus. They went via detour road so, there was no problem with the militaries.

  27 of June - Our group started to the northern foot of Mt. Elbrus today. Our new group departed from Kislovodsk to Dzhily-Su today to climb Elbrus northern route. The went via side road around the military post. Our next groups are departing on 3th and 4th of July.

22th of June - Our group descent from Elbrus 
On the 19th of June our group came back to Kislovodsk from the Base Camp in the north of Elbrus. Guys climbed up to 5450 m to the West summit and decided to descend because of the bad weather conditions. Our next groups departs on the 27th of June. We'll keep on informing you.

12th of June 2011 - Our group went to Mt. Elbrus yesterday 
We had a fixed date departure tour for the 10th of June and yesterday our group went to the northern slope of Elbrus. For now there is a military post on the main road to Dzhily-Su. All groups are going via side roads around this post and it looks like militaries don't mind.

The southern route is still closed and there is no information for how long. The northern one is officially closed too, but as you can see, there is still the opportunity to go there.

If you want to have a 100% guarantee to climb Mt. Elbrus this summer you should choose the western route. Western route goes through Karachaevsk and town of Khurzuk (Karachaevo-Cherkesia Republic). Anti-terrorist regime was not set here and there are no restrictions for the tourist access. This route is equal to a classic route to Mont Blanc. Not to difficult but with rock climbing, ice, ice screws, ropes, carabiners, helmets, etc. Technically much more difficult than the North face of Elbrus but not too challenging. The slope here is very steep. It is more expensive that is why we can not set fixed date departures. Please, make inquiries if you want to climb the western route to Mt. Elbrus!

Mount Elbrus western route

26th of May 2011 - Our company is allowed to bring groups to Elbrus northern route!
Special agreement was concluded with the head of the military post set on the way to Dzhily-Su. From now, Over The Rainbow company is allowed to bring groups to the the northern slope of Elbrus without restrictions. The southern route which goes through the Baksan valley is still closed.

25 of May 2011 - Situation with the northern route to Mt. Elbrus
Situation with access to the northern route to Mount Elbrus became unpredictable. On the 20th of May a group of climbers was stopped by the militaries on the way to the northern slope of Elbrus. They said that the northern route became closed just as the southern one. Fortunately, the guides managed to persuade the militaries to let them go. But they were warned that this group is the last one who was let to go to the north of Elbrus.

Today, on the 25th of May we had another one group for the northern route. We decided to try to get to Dzhily-Su and to the northern foot of Elbrus. This time there was no one who stopped our group. It seemed like everyone was sleeping there (it was early morning). 

So, the situation is uncertain and nobody can predict how it will be tomorrow. The only thing we can guarantee is an alternative mountaineereing program for our clients in Caucasus mountain regions of Dombai and Arkhyz in case they will not be admitted to Mt. Elbrus.

04 of May 2011

On the 15th of April the southern route which goes through republic of Kabardino-Balkaria became closed for the tourists. People who don't live there are not alowd to enter this region because of the counter-terrorist regime.

But this still doesn't mean that you can not climb Mt. Elbrus. The northern route is available for the climbers. This route goes through territory of Karachaevo-Cherkesia republic. It is a little more difficult to climb this route because there are no ski lifts and snow-cats there. But the views are really fantastic!

Nobody can say for how long the southern route will be closed. Nobody can guarantee that the northern route will not become closed soon. But for now, you can climb Mount Elbrus with us and we invite you to share this unforgettable experience!

03 of April 2011
In the late February several terrorist attacks in Elbrus area have taken place.
  • The cableway to Mt. Elbrus was hit by an explosion and 40 cabins fell down.There were no victims since the explosion occured by night.
  • Three skiers from Moscow were shut down in a minibus on their way from Mineralnye Vody airport to Mt. Elbrus.
  • The policemen found a car parked next to a hotel in Elbrus area with a bomb inside.
Antiterrorist regime in Elbrus area was imposed, no tourist were allowed to enter the Baksan valley, all local people, houses, hotels were checked.
Obviously, tourist can not be the main target of bandits since the local people are very dependant from touristic business. That were criminal infightings inside the republic of Kabardino-Balkaria.

Now it is calm in Elbrus region. Tourist can freely visit Mount Elbrus, all ski lifts are in operation, hotels and cafes are functioning.В 
The northern slope of Mount Elbrus is situated on the territory of Karachaevo-Cherkessia. This is another one Caucasus republic, no acts of terrorism were mentioned there. If you are still afraid to climb the southern route which is accessible through the Baksan valley where the antiterrorist regime have been imposed, you can go the northern route.

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