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Mt. Elbrus climb

Welcome to Mount Elbrus!

Expedition to Lenin Peak in 2019

  Пик Ленина/ Lenin Peak
      Lenin Peak is located on the border between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan in the Pamir mountain system. With its 7134 meters the Lenin Peak is the highest mountain of the Trans-Alay mountain range and one of the three seventhousanders of Kyrgyzstan. The two other seventhousanders - Pobeda Peak (7439 m) and Khan Tengri (7010 m) are also quite popular among climbers of the world, but the Lenin Peak is the most reachable one for the wide range of mountaineers. There are no special technical difficulties and weather conditions in this area of ​​the Pamir are quite favorable.
      But do not forget that the Lenin Peak is after all a seventhousander. The main difficulties that the climbers can face on the way to the top are the altitude, low temperatures and periods of bad weather. If you have never been to high mountains before, you should start with lower altitudes, such as Mount Elbrus, Kazbek or Kilimanjaro in order to know how your body can react.
      In this journey you will be accompanied by a guide from the company "Elbrus Tours". Perhaps he’s already been your guide to Mount Elbrus or Mount Kazbek. The expedition takes 21 days. On the way to the top you will stay at 4 camps set at different altitudes and make ascentions on 3 tops - Uhin Peak (5130 m), Mt. Razdelnaya (6168 m) and Lenin Peak (7134 m). At your service are pack animals, porters, cooks and friendly camp staff. Just relax and enjoy the snowy peaks of the Pamir and get acquainted with the local cuisine and customs. Forget everything that bothered you in the everyday life and open towards fresh emotions and impressions!

Dates in 2019:
July 6 - July 26
July 21 - August 10
Price: $2300,0*
* - for booking before 01.04.2019 - discount 3%, for 2 and more paxes - 5%

Itinerary (21 days, 3 summits)

Day 1. Arrival with any flight at airport Osh , accommodation at hotel.
Day 2. Transfer Osh - Base camp "Achik-Tash", 3600 m.
Day 3. Day of acclimatization at the Base Camp, 3600 m.  
Day 4.
Acclimatization ascent to the slopes of  Petrovskogo peak. Preparation for climb to Camp 1.  
Day 5.
Hike to Camp 1 (4400 m). Overnight at Camp 1.
Day 6.
Acclimatization hike to Uhin Peak (5130 m). Overnight at the Camp 1 (4400 m).
Day 7. Day of rest at the Camp 1 (4400 m).
Day 8. Hike to Camp 2 (5300 m). Overnight at Camp 2 (5300 m)
Day 9. Acclimatization hike to Camp 3 (6100 m). Overnight at Camp 3.
Day 10.
Ascent to Mt. Razdelnaya (6148 m). Descent to Camp 1 (4400 m). Overnight at Camp 1 (4400 m).
Day 11. Descent to the Base Camp (3600 m). 
Day 12. Day of rest at the Base Camp (3600 m).
Day 13. Day of rest at the Base Camp (3600 m).
Day 14. Ascent to Camp 2 (5300 m). Overnight at Camp 2.
Day 15. Ascent to Camp 3 (6100 m). Overnight at Camp 3.
Day 16. Summit day. Ascent to the Lenin Peak (7134 m). Descent and overnight at Camp 3 (6100 m)
Day 17. Descent to Camp 2 (5300 m) and Camp 1 (4400 m). Overnight at Camp 1 (4400 m).
Day 18. Reserve day.
Day 19. Descent to Base Camp (3600 м).
Day 20. Transfer to Osh. Accommodation at hotel.
Day 21. Flight from Osh.

Price  includes: 
- English-speaking guides by Elbrus Tours
- Border zone permit, local registration, visa support (if necessary)
- Meeting/seeing off at the airport 
- All transfers according to the program
- Accommodation at hotel in Osh with breakfasts (2 nights In total, please consider early check in)
- Lunch (lunchbox) on the way to / from BC
- Registration with rescue team
- Ecological fee 

Services in Base Camp “Achik-Tash” at 3600 m:

- Accommodation in double tents with mattresses and wooden platforms.
- Meals – full board
- Dining-tent, WC, storage,  baths and shower
- Medical aid in the base camp (professional doctor)
- Electricity 220V, permanent source of electricity!

Services in the Camp 1 on 4400m:

- Accommodation in double tents with mattresses and wooden platforms.
- Meals – full board
- Dining-tent, WC tent, storage tent
- Medical aid in the base camp (professional doctor)
- Electricity 220V, 50HZ, only in the evening in the dining room, source-generator

Services in Camp 2 (5300 m) and Camp 3 (6100 m):

- Accommodation in already installed high altitude tents (maximum 2 people in 1 tent)
- Meals (please consider that in Base Camp we are providing you with set of high altitude food, gas and cooking set, inc. 1 gas burner, 1 pan and 1 ladle for each tent, but food is preparing by yourself; we also recommend that you have your own spare burner).

The cost does not include:

- The cost of Kyrgyz visa
- International flight cost
- All optional deviations from the main itinerary
- Beverages and meals not included in main menu (meals in cities)
- Rental of personal dishes (plate, mug, spoon, knife) for dining in Camps 2 and 3 
- All personal expenses (extra luggage fee, room service, medical expenses/insurance, etc.)
- The services of a mountain porters for ascending
- The rent of personal mountaineering equipment for ascending.

Porter services:

     • Base Camp (3600m) - Camp 1 (4400 m): 3 USD / kg
     • Camp 1 (4400m) - Camp 2 (5400 m): 6 USD / kg
     • Camp 2 (5400m) - Camp 3 (6100 m): 8 USD / kg
     • Above Camp 3 (6100 m): 35 USD / kg

If a participant has decided to quit climbing, he may descend to one of the lower camps and await the group at no extra charge. The company can not guarantee reaching the summit of the Lenin and is not responsible for the failure due to weather, bad physical conditions or illness of of the participants.

SAFETY: The guide possesses all necessary skills and equipment to ensure safety of the climbers on the route. He has a first-aid kit and a radio to communicate with the mountain rescue service located in the lower camps. There are professional doctors at the lower camps who can provide necessary medical treatment. Where it is necessary, the helicopter transportation is being arranged.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION: Citizens of most countries don’t need visa to enter Kyrgyzstan. But there is also a list of countries whose citizens have to obtain visa before arriving to the country. Please check in advance. The Lenin Peak is located in the border area where a special permit is required. It takes up to 1 month to get this border permit ready. One will also need mountaineering insurance covering the helicopter transportation.

RESTRICTIONS: Only climbers above 18 years old are allowed. Heart diseases, asthma, diabetes, mind disorders are serious contraindications for climbing high mountains.

ACCOMMODATION: In the city of Osh - accommodation at hotel in double room with breakfast; At base camp "Achik-Tash" and Camp 1 accommodation in double tents. There is electricity, toilet, shower, sauna, satellite phone. In the Camps 2 and 3 there are high-altitude tents.

MEALS: There is full-board at the base camp and Camp 1. Food is being prepared by cook. At the higher Camps 2 and 3 participants cook self using food, gas, gas stoves and kitchen staff obtained in Base Camp. 

TRANSPORTATION: For transfers from Osh to "Achik-Tash" and back the off-road vehicles are used. The way takes 7 – 8 hours.

TELEPHONE: There are satellite phones at the "Achik-Tash" base camp and Camp 1. Mobile networks are not available.
Not recommended for people with medical contraindications! 
  Copyright "Over The Rainbow" Ltd., 2019
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