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Mt. Elbrus climb

Welcome to Mount Elbrus!

Mount Aconkagua climb

На вершине Аконкагуа
     We invite you to make 2017 an unforgettable ascent of Aconcagua via the Classical route!

The advantages of our tour:
- Route program provides optimal acclimatization for the ascent;
- Provides multiple backup days for the ascent;
- Climbing of Aconcagua will allow you to test yourself at an altitude close to 7000 m, and will be a preparatory stage before climbing on Himalayan eight thousand. As the highest peak of South America Aconcagua is part of the program "7 Summits" - 7 highest mountains of the seven continents;
  - Porters and mules will carry all the main expedition cargo, which will allow you to go almost light and save power for the final day of the summit.

Discover unforgettable Andes and enjoy climbing the highest peak in the America! For you - years of experience and a full service from the largest operator. The porters and mules carry equipment, a chef  prepares tasty and nutritious meals throughout the tour, stay in your own stationary company camps, equipped with all kinds of amenities, two reserve days in case of bad weather, included in the price - all this will make your climbing as much as possible comfortable and productive.

Aconkagua tours:

Duration: 16-18 days

Dates: 12 - 29 of December 2016, 13 - 28 of January 2017, 30 of January - 16 of February 2017

: 3495 US Dollars + permit + tickets to Argentina

  Copyright "Over The Rainbow" Ltd., 2014
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